The weather was gorgeous today! Today’s challenge was to make Okinawa Soba from scratch with 25 Churakids! 🙂 総勢25名のちゅらキッズと一緒に、「手打ち沖縄そば作り」にチャレンジしました(^^)

The weather was gorgeous today! Today’s challenge was to make Okinawa Soba from scratch with 25 Churakids! 🙂

First we had to make the dough. We mixed the wheat flour and the other ingredients until it reached the right consistency. Then the dough was put aside and covered to let it set up for about thirty minutes.

While we let the dough set up, we needed to start cutting our ingredients such as the green onions and pork. Before the cutting began we studied knife safety. The most important points are how to properly handle the knife, and knowing where to put it when not in use. Learning how to properly use knives in the kitchen makes work much faster and safer!

After the cutting was finished, we began to roll out the dough. This part is the most fun! 🙂 Don’t forget the flour otherwise you’ll end up with a sticky mess!

When the dough has been rolled, it has to be folded. After that, you will cut it however you want for your noodles. Some cut it very thin, some cut it thick, perhaps this can tell you something about someone’s character?

Next the water was boiled, and the noodles are separated as they are inserted into the water, where they will boil for about five minutes before they start to float. Approximately fifteen seconds after the noodles begin floating, its time to take them out carefully using a colander!

After that we put our noodles into the broth that had been prepared beforehand, before topping it off with our freshly cut ingredients. (It looks good now but how will it taste?!)

Finally, we all sat down to eat. Many comments were made, such as “This is better than the soba shop!”, “My noodles are too hard!”, “I don’t like green onions!” But the best thing of all was that we all made it from scratch!

Next Cooking Club will be in June! Don’t miss out on the fun next time! Keep posted on our Facebook page!

Churakids Cooking Club Vol1:Okinawa-Soba/英語クッキング倶楽部 Vol.1「手打ち沖縄そば」